Radio System

What is different about the Delkim Radio System?

Delkim manufactures its own dedicated radio modules designed specifically for bite indication communication purposes as opposed to using commercially available general radio modules. In addition Delkim tests and calibrates every single item individually to give optimum performance.

What are the main benefits to the Angler over other manufacturers radio systems?

  • Proven reliability
  • Best battery life (Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver up to 6000 hours continuous use)
  • No need for battery chargers or expensive special batteries
  • Continual battery condition testing
  • Exact tone and pulse replication
  • Excellent range, penetration and reception in all conditions
  • Patented Local (L) setting reduces receiver range to maximise battery life in the face of radio interference
  • Radio activity monitoring to advise user to switch to LOCAL when there is excessive local radio activity
  • Non-repeating codes to avoid cross activation by other users
  • Multiple programming options for optimum visual indication
  • Range check facility